Dealing with people suffering from Drug Addiction

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Dealing with people suffering from Drug Addiction

Dealing with people suffering from Drug Addiction


November 21, 2011


Drug addiction is a disease which can cause social, economical, health and several other problems that can affect the performance and social life of a person. In a recent study, it was found that about 3 percent Americans suffer from this disease at some point in their life.

Like any other health and mental problem, there is no single cause of drug addiction. There are several social and biological factors that can increase the risk of developing this disease. Some health experts are of the view that risk of drug addiction is higher if there are instances of substance abuse in the family. A few other common causes of drug addiction include anxiety, mood disorders, anti-social personality disorder and depression.

Addiction to drugs has a social, physical and psychological impact on an individual. Drug abuse may also result in significant changes in the functioning and structure of the brain. The brain gets adapted to the presence of illegal or prescription drugs and the body starts depending on these drugs for its normal functioning. Since the tolerance to drugs increases significantly, people increase the amount of drug they take to get the desired effect.

To help people suffering from this disease, the Congress set up Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration or SAMHSA in 1992. The main aim of the Congress behind setting up SAMHSA was to tackle the problem of drug abuse effectively and to translate the research in this area more effectively into healthcare system of the country.

Apart from government organizations, there are several private organizations that can help people deal with drug addiction. Some organizations have luxury rehab facilities that have several advantages and facilities that are not available in ordinary medical rehab facilities. You can check out that has state-of-the-art rehab facilities that can hasten the recovery process. They also conduct a cognitive behavioural program that can help in changing the perspective of recovering addicts and make it easier for them to react to different situations in their life. Also, the luxury rehab facility has excellent infrastructure and low resident-to-staff ratio which ensures that all the requirements of recovering addicts are met.

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