Plan to become an Aesthetician: Here is what you should know

Plan to become an Aesthetician: Here is what you should know


October 22, 2016


What we love about aestheticians is that they are passionate about making people look good and confident about their appearance. They take care of your skin and give you facial treatment to enhance your physical attributes. They have a deep understanding of colors and makeup and know that cosmetic styles and kinds of shades to use for different occasion. For instance, they know that you cannot use day makeup for a formal evening occasion.

To become an aesthetician you have to get the required training in a reputed aesthetician school. The duration of your training in aesthetician school will depend on the number of training hours required by your state to sit in the licensing exam. You can attend this training program as a part-time of full-time student. Most states require you to attend at least 600 hours of aesthetician training. However, some states like Oregon only require 250 hours of training. Even though most states require just 600 hours of training, there are some states that require you to complete 1,500 hours of aesthetician training before you can sit for the exams. Based on the duration of training required, the aesthetician school can last from as short as 120 days to as long as 360 days.

If you are looking for aesthetician training Phoenix, you should check out the Skin and Make Up Institute. They are the only private aesthetics program in Phoenix AZ where students get hands on training to become professional makeup artist. The program helps the students understand the internal mechanism and the functioning of the skin. They also teach you various salon and spa techniques that prepare you for performing body and facial treatments. They also teach you clinical treatments to correct various skin disorders. All students are also required to write weekly test and mock state board test to insure the level of confidence required to pass the state board’s practical and written exams.

After completing your aesthetician training Phoenix, graduates of this program can take the licensing exam of their state. Students must pass this test to practice their profession. While some states just require the students to pass the written exam, other states may have an additional exam. This exam will test the practical skills of the students. Apart from practical and written tests, you may also be required to take an oral exam. To sit in these tests, you may be required to get a high school diploma.

When aestheticians start their journey, they have endless opportunities in their field. Initially, the aestheticians are eager to start their career and experience the fulfilment of their learning. As their careers progress, they will discover that they enjoy doing and may choose to pursue special courses in one area of their field. When deciding their career direction, they have several avenues that can be chosen. For instance, they can specialize in spa services, hair removal, or hydrotherapy. Most aestheticians enjoy working in cosmetic field and opt for makeup artistry. Working as makeup artist will require additional training that will broaden your career opportunities and also give you an opportunity as a freelance makeup artist.

Continuing Education

The main difference between advanced education and continuing educations is that continuing education may be mandatory in some states, while advanced education is not mandatory. Many states require aestheticians to complete a minimum number of hours of continuing education to maintain their licensure. If you are looking for a good continuing aestheticians training Phoenix, then you should check out Skin and Makeup Institute. After completing the 600 hours of training, students have the option to take up an additional course in aestheticians, spa training, or makeup artist training.

Advanced Education

These classes are designed for aestheticians who wish to improve their learning in their area of interest. At the end of the course, they received a certificate of achievement in their area of expertise. These certificates of achievements can be of great help in advancing your career. Also, these certificates improve your credibility as a licensed professional. The aesthetician must know that these programs are optional and it is not a necessity for job placement or recognition within the industry. Even though it is not mandatory to take up these advanced courses, it is always advisable to take these courses as it helps you in providing more services to your clients.

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