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Water helps in detoxification and maintaining your health


September 6, 2011


Many health experts consider water to be one of the best natural detox for the body. Also, water contains many nutrients that aid in digestion, keeps the kidney healthy and flushes out the waste from the body. It also helps in the smooth functioning of the moisture rich organs of the body like eyes, skin and mouth. Water also helps in lubricating the joints and regulating the temperature of the body.

Another important benefit of drinking water is that it helps in preventing diseases. For instance, in a study it was found that women who are adequately hydrated reduce their breast cancer risk by more than 75 percent. Also, women who drink at least 5 glasses of water a day reduce their colon cancer risk by more than 45 percent.

Many health experts are of the view that people can prevent chronic problems in the joints if they are properly hydrated. When the body is hydrated it reduces inflammation and improves the health of the cartilages. Drinking adequate water can also slow down the signs of aging and help people, who are suffering from health problems like diabetes, arthritis, dry skin and wrinkles.

When we drink water, it helps in carrying out the toxins and waste from the body. If the waste and toxins are not removed from the body, we increase the percentage of poisonous waste in the blood which can be extremely harmful.

Kidney is a crucial organ that helps in removing the water and waste from the digestive system. When the heart beats, the kidney takes in about 20 percent of the body’s blood and cleans it. It removes the unwanted substances from the blood and produces urine which eliminates this waste from the body. To perform the filtration function, the kidney requires the right concentration of body fluids. If the level of body fluids is concentrated, it releases excess solutes which can have a negative impact on our health.

Therefore it is important that we drink at least 8 glasses of plain water every day. Many people believe that sports drinks are better than water because they contain electrolyte that is required by the body. However, experts are of the view that since electrolyte is already present in most American foods, people who do moderate exercises don’t  require additional doses of electrolyte in their food.