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Learning How to Use Polar Heart Rate Monitors

| June 15, 2012 | 0 Comments

Heart rate monitors have become extremely popular with people who love going to the gym to keep their body fit. They are also used by strength training enthusiast who prefer using a heart rate monitor to monitor their cardiac rate when they workout in the gym. Monitoring the cardiac rate when working out in the gym will help in determining the recovery period.

Importance of monitoring heart rate

Monitoring your heart rate is important because your recovery period will differ from the recovery period of your gym buddy or friend. People who work out in the gym regularly have a lower heart rate when compared to people who have just started working out in the gym. You should not get discouraged if your friends or gym buddy have lower heart rate because your cardio-respiratory endurance can improve if you continue to work out in the gym.

Polar Heart Rate Monitor

If you are planning to buy a heart rate monitor, make sure you check out the models that are marketed under the brand name “Polar”. Even though there are several models of Polar heart rate monitors, the operating principles of all models is the same. Some higher end models may have some additional features but the basic features that you expect in a heart rate monitor is available in all models.

Using Polar Heart Rate Monitor

Even if you buy a basic model of Polar heart rate monitor, you will get all the features that you expect from a good heart rate monitor. If you have a Polar heart rate monitor at home, here is a guide that will help you in using the monitor.

To start using the monitor the strap must be attached to the transmitter module. After the straps are firmly attached to the modules, you must moisten the contact points or electrodes using water. You must moisten the contact points properly if you want the monitor to give correct readings. Also, make sure the logo is facing you when you attach your heart rate monitor.

There are several straps in the kit to suit the requirement of the user. The large strap can be stretched up to 54 inches in length, while the short strap can be stretched up to 6 inches. Straps that can be stretched up to 2 feet 8 inches can be used for the chest. Larger straps are designed for people who weigh up to 240 pounds.

Like any other monitor, Polar heart rate monitors have two parts – the receiver and the transmitter. The receiver will display the heart rate and the transmitter is placed in chest area to transmit the heart rate. Initially, you can place the transmitter and the receiver close to each other.

Once the device is activated, it will prompt the modules to calculate and display your heart rate. Make sure the heart rate symbol is visible when you do your exercise or work out. If the heart rate symbol in the receiver flashes at regular intervals, it means that the device is working properly. However, if the symbol flashes erratically, it means that contact points are not moistened properly.

Almost all Polar heart rate monitor come with alarm feature. To set the daily alarm, you must press both the buttons of the receiver at the same time. You must then press the right or the left button to adjust the heart rate and to disable or enable this feature.

Benefits of Jelqing Exercises

| June 2, 2012 | 6 Comments

If you are looking at ways of increasing your penis size, you will find that there are several products available in the marketplace that claim to give instant and guaranteed results. However, if you plan to use a product, make sure you check the side effects of using the product. There are several lotions, pills and surgeries that can help in increasing your penis size but these methods have negative side effects. Since these methods have negative side effects, you should use a method that is not only effective but also has limited side effects. One of the methods used by men to increase the size of their penis is exercises. Exercises that help in increasing the size of the penis have been used by men for generations because they are safe and effective. One such exercise that has helped millions of men is jelqing exercises.

Jelqing Exercises

Jelqing is the exercise that is used by many men to increase the length and the girth of their penis. The best part about Jelqing Exercises is that you don’t have to undergo any surgery or take substances to do these exercises. Your hands are the only thing you will require to do these exercises. Another advantage of using this method is that the girth and length you gain is permanent. These gains will not go away when you stop Jelqing exercises.

How Jelqing Exercises Help

Jelqing exercises work improving the blood circulation in your penis and stimulating the blood flow in your corpora cavernosa. Corpora cavernosa are two chambers that are present on the either side of the penis that are made of spongy tissues which are filled with blood. When pressure is applied to these chambers, it causes erection. When you do jelqing exercises, it helps in improving blood flow and skin elasticity which allows bigger erection.


Here are some of the steps you must follow when doing jelqing exercises:

Step 1

Try to get erection of about 50 percent.

Step 2

Try to make a circle using the forefinger and thumb of your right hand. Try to outstretch your other fingers so you can make a sign which look similar to OK.

Step 3

Hold the base of the penis inside the circle you have created and gently move the fingers towards the head of the penis. Make sure the hand rest in the same area when you are doing this exercise. Some people slide their hand along the shaft of their penis which can defeat the purpose of this exercise.

Step 4 

One your figures reach the tip of your penis release the hold and repeat the process.


You can start by doing this simple exercise about 20 times in a session. After a few weeks, you can increase the repetitions to about 50 times per session. Most men have seen positive results after doing this exercise for a few days. When you do jelqing exercises in conjunction with other exercises for penis, it will not only help in increasing the size of your penis but also help in improving your performance in other areas. Some of areas where your performance will improve include ability to delay ejaculation and increased stamina during intercourse.