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Yeast Infection in Vagina – Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment and Precautions


April 9, 2012


What causes yeast infection after intercourse?

One of the main causes of yeast infection after intercourse is a fungus called Candida albicans. This fungus is usually present in the mucus membranes like rectum and vagina. This fungus can also enter the blood stream and can affect the heart valves, throat and intestine. Candida albicans usually causes infection when there is a change in the body temperature.

Even though the exact use of infection in vagina is not known, the most common causes for the growth of candida albicans is the use of antibiotics. When you use antibiotics, both the harmful and beneficial microorganisms of body get destroyed which help Candida albicans to multiply in the place of these organisms.

Symptoms of yeast infection in vagina

Women, who suffer from vaginitis or yeast infection in vargina, will usually have a yellow or white discharge. Inflammation on the walls of vulva and vagina may also cause itching and burning sensation. When proper care is not taken, the infection can enter the bloodstream and infect the eyes, kidney, lungs, heart or other organs of the body. If it infects the organs, it can cause problems like anemia, blood in the urine, fever, blurred vision or even seizures.

Diagnosis of yeast infection in vagina

To diagnose the cause of yeast infection in the vagina, your physical examination may be conducted. Your physician may also suggest laboratory test like blood cultures and blood test to find the cause of the problem.

Treatment of yeast infection in vagina

To treat the infection in vagina, you can either take OTC drugs or take drugs that are prescribed by the physicians. Your physician may suggest topical administration of antifungal drugs or may also prescribe oral drugs to deal with the problem. Since some women prefer a single dose of oral drug to reduce the symptoms of Candida albicans, the physician may suggest a dose of fluconazole. Your physician could also ask you to discontinue antibiotics to reduce the symptoms of the infection.

Even though tropical and oral drugs may clear the infection in the vagina, the problem may recur if the sexual partner has this infection. Therefore, it is important that both partners get the treatment for the problem.

Prevention of infection in vagina

To prevent infection in the vagina, you must keep it clean and dry. Also, it is important that you clean the vagina with cold water after intercourse.

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