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Misconceptions that people have about Red Meat, Dairy Products, Coconut Oil and Egg

| June 11, 2011 | 0 Comments

There are many people who believe rumors about the food they eat. It is not uncommon to come across new studies that claim to have solutions to most problems that people have. For instance, there are many studies that claim that acai berry is a must in every kitchen. Even though acai berry has many health benefits, there are several other offers that have the same benefits that acai berry has to offer. Here are some of the common misconceptions that people have about the food they eat.

Red meat is unhealthy

Most nutritionists recommend that you must not eat red meat because of the methods used to grow this product. Red meat has received bad press because many manufacturers have used growth promoting hormones that can adversely affect your health.

However, some experts are of the view that you must eat organic red meat as it has high zinc, iron and compound C0Q10. Also, organic lean red meat helps in reducing the risk of cholesterol and is an important source of energy.

Milk and Dairy products is the best source of calcium

Even though milk and other dairy products are a good source of calcium, they are definitely not the best source of calcium. One of the main reasons why many experts don’t consider milk as the best source of calcium is because of lactose intolerance in the body. These experts are of the view that most people have some level of protein intolerance in the body which prevents them from absorbing milk in the body. They point out that goat milk has more calcium that cow’s milk but we prefer drinking cow’s milk because it is chemically closer to human milk.

Coconut oil is unhealthy

Some experts are of the view that coconut oil does not increase cholesterol level in the body even they it is a saturated fat. Coconut oil is a combination of fatty acids that can help in reducing the sugar levels in your blood as it reduces insulin resistance in blood.

Your cholesterol will increase if you eat egg daily

Even though egg yolk contains cholesterol it does not push up the blood cholesterol level. Some experts are of the view that people who have heart problems must have eggs at least six times in a week.