Maintain Breast Size when you Lose Weight

Maintain Breast Size when you Lose Weight


March 4, 2015


Breast is made up of several types of tissues like fibrous, glandular, and fatty tissues. The amount of fibrous and glandular tissues remains unchanged in an adult non-pregnant and non-menopausal woman. Also, the body weight of women does not have any impact on these tissues. The composition of fibrous, glandular, and fatty tissues varies from one woman to another. The breasts of some women contain just 25 percent fatty tissues, while breast of some may contain 75 percent fat.

Will breast size change when you lose weight

When you lose weight, your body loses fat in almost all areas. The weight loss is not restricted to one particular area. Since breast contain fatty tissues, your breast size will change when you lose weight.

Change in Breast Size

The change in breast size after weight loss will depend on several factors like breast fat percentage, body fat you lose, and the size of your breast before you lose weight. So, the amount of change in the breast size will depend on woman’s unique characteristics.

Keeping your breast size unchanged

Keeping your breast size unchanged while losing weight; is difficult. Since breasts contain fatty tissues, they are prone to shrink when you lose weight. However, you can keep your breasts lifted and perky by following the right technique. This technique involves following the right exercise regime and making changes in your diet.

Can you lose weight without affecting your breast size?

When you lose weight, you cannot stop fat loss from the breast. However, you could do some exercises that will help in building the chest muscles. So, even if you lose breast fat, the size of your breast will remain unchanged because of muscle build up. To build your chest muscles, you must make changes in your exercise routine. If you do cardio, you will lose both muscles and fat. When you lose both muscle and fat, the size of your breast will become smaller. You must focus on strength training if you want to lose weight without losing muscle tissues. If you focus on strength training; you will lose fat but build chest muscles. This will help in maintaining your breast size.

Your exercise routine must include chest exercises that target your pectoral muscles. These muscles can be found underneath woman’s breast. Building pectoral muscles will maintain your breast size as you lose weight. Target your entire chest when you workout. Some exercises you can do include decline presses, incline press, flys, and flat bench press.

When preparing an exercise routine to build your chest muscles, you must remember the following points:

  1. If you do weight training using light weights, you will not get the desired results. So, avoid using 2-pound or a 3-pound dumbbell when you do weight training. If you want your breast size to remain unchanged when you lose weight, lift heavier weights.
  2. You can work on the chest muscles up to 3 times in a week. However, make sure you take a day off between your workouts.

Other Exercises

Your workout routine should also include exercises like pull-ups, squats, row, lunges, shoulder press, bicep curl, and lat pull-down. When you do these exercises, the other parts of your body will get toned which will help you get the kickass figure you have always dreamed of!


To maintain your breast size, it is important that you eat foods that contain Estrogen. Estrogen is a female sex hormone that can increase the size of breast tissues. Some foods that contain estrogen include flax seeds, soy yogurt, soybeans, soymilk, sesame seeds, pumpkin, chickpeas, and red beans. However, avoid taking estrogen supplements to increase breast size.

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