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Benefits of Low Sodium Diet

| October 28, 2012 | 0 Comments

There are many health experts who recommend that you switch to low sodium diet because it has several health benefits. Even though sodium is essential t maintain your health, having too much sodium can affect your body systems. Most essential organs of your body like your kidney and heart can be healthier if you switch to low sodium diet. In a study, it was found that healthy adults must not consume more than 2300 mg of sodium in a day.

Impact of Sodium on your Health

Sodium is essential for good health but too much sodium or salt can upset the balance of your body. There are several benefits of low sodium salt like reducing blood pressure and also reducing swelling of extremities. Also, it helps in reducing the risk of health problems. Some health experts are of the view that low sodium diet can improve the effect of certain medications. Medicines like antihypertensives which are used to treat people who suffer from high blood pressure. Reducing sodium intake helps in decreasing the risk of kidney stone and also reduces the risk of stroke.  Water pills and diuretics that are used to treat people suffering from heart failure work better when you reduce your sodium intake.

Reducing Sodium Intake

To reduce sodium intake, you must eat more fruits and vegetables. You must also use spices and herbs in place of salt. If you consume high-sodium foods, you must to replace them with foods that have low sodium. You can prepare foods using ingredients that have low sodium or eat food that have no added sugar. Most people consume sodium when they eat processed and pre-packaged food. Therefore, it is important that you check the package labels for sodium content before you buy them from marketplace. You can also buy low sodium salt for flavoring as it is less harmful when compared to ordinary salt.

Buying Low Sodium Products

Sodium is found naturally in most foods. It is also found in abundant quantities in the table salt you use. Therefore, it is a good idea to buy low sodium salt instead of ordinary salt. You can also limit the use of frozen, canned and processed food if you want to reduce your sodium consumption. Instead, of buying processed food, you can buy more fruits and vegetables can prepare them using other spices.

Even though low sodium diet can play an important role in maintaining your health, you must consult your physician before you start this diet plan. When you visit the physician, you can ask them all the questions you may have on following low sodium diet and understand the precautions you must take when following low sodium diet plan.

Health and Personal Development

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Today, most hypnotherapists have clients who are looking for three things:

  1. They want to change their feelings, behavior and thoughts so they can lead a healthier life. They also want to exercise and lost weight and many people also want to quit smoking.
  2. They want to overcome emotional issues like anxiety, phobias, depression and stress.
  3. They want to deal with physical issues like pain, skin problem and irritable bowel syndrome.

All these people have one thing in common – they want to Improve their Life. What they are actually looking for is personal development. People want to make these changes because they want to gain confidence and control over their life. They want to change their personality by not only getting rid of their addiction and bad habits but by also getting rid of their negative mindset. Overcoming the negative traits makes people stronger and they can deal with scary things without any problem. Also, overcoming these traits helps you in overcoming several stress-related diseases and also helps you in dealing with diseases that get worse due to stress. When we overcome stress, we are able to reconnect our mind and body and stop concentrating on issues that affect our health. This rejuvenates our mind and power starts flowing in our brain once again.

Medicines cure disease not the problem

Before you visit any hypnotherapist it is important at that you visit a doctor as they prescribe medicines that will cure the disease. However, these medicines treat human body as a bio-system and not a person who could suffer from other physical and mental problems. Even though these medicines give rapid results, they have several side effects and increase your reliance on doctors and pharmaceutical companies.

Also, if you want to deal with a problem in your life, your personal participation is important. For example, if you take pills it will treat the disease but it may not cure the problem unless you make positive changes in your life. If you have diabetes, you must do regular exercise and make changes in your diet. Taking pills will only help you control the problem. It will not eradicate the problem.

Most people consider health to be a personal development issue because they can maintain their health only if they make positive changes in their life. Once they take the desired action, their inner strength improves and they have better control of life.