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April 25, 2013


The occasional case of being sad and gloomy is not uncommon but it does not mean that dealing with these situations is easy. If you allow these negative thoughts to affect you, these thoughts can fester and could lead to depression. Therefore, it is important that you take steps to change your thought pattern and bust out of this slump.

In this article, we have given a few suggestions that will stop the feeling of depression and break this negative thought process. If these suggestions don’t help, don’t hesitate to seek professional help.

Company of positive people

Most of you must have read the adage “You are known by the company of people you keep”. The company of people you spend time with, has a major impact on your thought process. You must understand that both negative and positive thoughts are contagious. If you are surrounded by people who are depressed, you will start feeling the impact of their negative emotions. If you want to improve your thought process, you must spend time with people who are strong-willed and have a positive outlook. When you are in the company of positive people, you must try to understand their perspective towards life.

Understanding your Emotional Cycle

Life is an emotional journey that has both ups and downs. There are some days when you feel that no one can stop you. Other days you feel depressed and hopeless. You must understand that these positive and negative feelings are a part of your life; if you want to have complete control over your emotions. If you are down, you must realize that this is a temporary phase that will eventually pass. When you know that these negative emotions are only temporary, you can handle your problems more confidently.

Focus on what you have

Most people are sad because they have not accomplished what others may have achieved in their organization. Research has proved that most people are less interested in leading a comfortable life and are more interested in being richer than their friends. When you are depressed, you must think about the good things in your life and compare it with the problems faced by others. This will make your problem seem less serious.

Change your environment

One of the ways of changing the way you feel is by changing your environment. When you are depressed, you start associating your problem with people or objects around you. This can get to a point where the environment constantly reminds you of your problems. The best solution for this problem is to change your environment. You don’t have to make radical changes, as even simple changes can bring positivity. For example, you can add pleasant decoration or add more lighting to make your room look more appealing.

Past Accomplishments

If you have failed in accomplishing your goal, you must forget about your failure and think about the things that you have accomplished. Your past accomplishments will help you in understanding your strengths and will help you in identifying the mistakes you have done. This exercise of remembering your past accomplishments will help in building your self-confidence if it is done periodically.

Change your routine

Doing the same activity repeatedly day after day is not only irritating but also depressing. To get out of the cycle, you must make temporary changes in your routine. If possible, you should take a day off from your work and go out with your family. You can also use this time to do something you love doing or do something that you have never tried. Making changes in your daily routine will not only bring positivity but will also make you more productive.

Active Lifestyle

When you face a problem, you must not let the problem affect your daily routine. Most people keep thinking about the problem and don’t take steps to shed the lethargy that comes along with the problems. You can join a dance class or go to a gym when you feel depressed. When you workout in a gym or dance to a beat you start feeling better.

Interact with Mother Nature

Humans give so much importance to their petty problems and are tense when they think about their future. They must learn from animals that live for the moment and love others unconditionally. They are not depressed when they are attacked by predators or when they lose a battle with their enemy. Observing them will help you in understanding and solving your problem.

Problem is not the end of the world

When we face a problem, it may look big initially but in the long run all problems seem insignificant. Some people may find the problem depressing but you should not consider the problem the end of the world. In a few years, no one will remember what you did or what happened to you. What matters is your present and you must enjoy every moment of it.

Take action

The best way of changing your mental state is by taking action. You must find out what is your biggest problem and the steps you can take to solve it. Once you stop self-pity, you will start moving forward and will not feel depressed. Your mind will be constantly looking to do things that will help you solving the problem. Once you get some positive results, you will start building momentum which makes it easier for you to solve your problem.

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