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Bioidentical Hormone Therapy: Slow Down The Aging Process


March 11, 2016


Getting old is inevitable. But growing old the right way is important, by maintaining good health and maintaining balanced hormone levels. With the latest advances in medicine it is possible to balance your hormones and slow down the aging process. Once you reach your thirties your hormone levels start to drop off which may lead to various symptoms that could be due to a hormonal imbalance.

Over the years, your body experiences stress, environmental toxins, lack of sleep, effects of poor lifestyle choices and poor nutrition, and this along with the natural aging process, can result in depletion of your body’s hormones. With age and hormone depletion you may experience certain changes to your body which can negatively affect your lifestyle:

  • Irritability
  • Night Sweats
  • Joint pain
  • Loss of energy
  • Mood swings
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Low Libido
  • Thinning hair, bones, and skin
  • Memory issues
  • Increased Abdominal Fat
  • Sleep problems/ Insomnia
  • Lack of a sex drive and energy
  • Mood swings
  • Brain fog and lack of focus
  • Weight gain

If you are above 35 years of age, chances are you could be facing one of the above-mentioned symptoms, in which case you should visit us a specialist bioidentical hormone doctor.

Understanding bioidentical hormone treatment

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy also known as natural hormone replacement works by using supplemental hormones that are chemically similar to the hormones present in the human body. Using these hormones is the only natural way to correct the hormonal imbalance in your body.

These hormones are not chemically engineered, rather these are extracted from plants such as yam or soy. Bioidentical hormones are also highly customizable, which means that they can be customized depending on the need of your body.

Hormone replacement treatment is suitable for both males and females, seeking treatment for Hormone Deficiency Syndrome and other hormonal imbalances. Before applying for a hormonal treatment, an in-depth evaluation is required by a trained bioidentical hormone, doctor. These tests will include lab testing and an in-depth questionnaire, to make a personalized program for you. The program would further include testing and reviewing the medical history of your family with an ongoing evaluation.

Why should you get a bioidentical hormone treatment?

1) The molecular structure of hormones used in this treatment is such that the body accepts it. Apart from the function it performs, it is generally found to be more effective compared to the synthetic counterparts.

2) Bioidentical hormones are natural and easily metabolized.

3) Unlike the synthetic counterparts that are available in the form of pills or capsules, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is better since it can be customized to fit your body for better results.

5) These hormones can be given in small dosage as well hence making it easier to balance hormones in each body type.

6) Hormone imbalance can cause mood swings. Hormone therapy can help alleviate anger, anxiety, and depression.

How can bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can help women’s hormonal imbalances?

Reduced Hot Flashes: With hormonal deficiencies the body’s internal thermometer, also called the hypothalamus can cause hot flashes and night sweats. Hormone therapy can greatly reduce the number of hot flashes in women.

Increase in Vaginal Lubrication: Estrogen is the key to keeping a healthy vagina. Drop in estrogen levels can create dryness in the vagina. By supplementing the bioidentical hormones, vaginal dryness can be treated.

Increased Skin Elasticity: Collagen is responsible for skin elasticity. Skin can appear dry or wrinkled when collagen breaks. With the help of hormonal therapy, vitamin C and estrogen can influence the formation of collagen and help keep your skin young.

How can bioidentical hormone replacement therapy benefit men?

Improved erectile function: Testosterone directly affects the reproductive system. Libido can decrease due to a low level of testosterone but can be brought back to normal with the use of bioidentical hormones.

Reduced Hair Thinning: Testosterone helps hair follicles in the production of hair. These cells can die due to a lack of hormonal production and dryness.

Restore Muscle Mass: Reduced levels of testosterone can result in the loss of muscle mass in men. Restoring this level with the help of Bioidentical Testosterone Treatment combined with exercise, can restore the lean muscle mass.

Restoring and replenishing your lost hormones will rejuvenate your energy levels, balance your moods, boost your immune system and bring you back to life. By restoring the depleted hormones, your body’s energy level will dramatically increase, and your immune system will improve.

Boxers or Briefs – What is best for You


May 1, 2015

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There was a time when men did not have many underwear options. They were forced to use any product available in the market. Today, men no longer have to wear the same old underwear. They have as many options as women do. However, there is a never ending debate on which is the best underwear option for the modern man. While some prefer briefs, others prefer using boxers. Since both sides have valid points to support their argument, it is difficult to declare one as the clear winner. Every man chooses the undergarment he likes, and he goes out in the world to promote it. He is adamant that his choice is the best and may not be willing to understand the views of other people.


Briefs have been around for more than 100 years and were an instant hit at launch. Men who used briefs loved the tight fit that prevented testicles and penis from swinging around when walking or even running. People, reading this article, must understand that in those days people did far more running and walking which made these briefs extremely popular. Most people avoided wearing boxers because it had the tendency to move upwards when running or walking.


Boxers are the symbol of freedom for most men. These men are far more comfortable with loose fitting underwear because their penis does not fit well inside the brief or because they hate the tight feeling. Boxers are extremely popular with men that like unrestricted leg movement. Another reason why men prefer boxers to brief is because boxers can be worn as shorts in bed or around the house.

Do Briefs affect male Fertility?

Low sperm count is the main fertility problem in more than 50 percent couples. In some cases, this problem can be solved if you wear the right underwear. Even though there is no scientific evidence to prove that briefs affect male fertility, there is sufficient evidence to prove that increase in temperature of testes can reduce sperm count. For testes to produce sufficient quantity and quality of sperms, the temperature of testes should be lower than the temperature of the body. One of the reasons why testes are located outside the body is to maintain its temperature. If you wear briefs, it can increase the temperature of the testes by several degrees which can affect sperm production. It takes testes about 11 weeks to product quality sperms. So if you are planning a romantic night with your partner, you should avoid wearing tight briefs. Wear boxer shorts to reduce the temperature of the testes.

Underwear and Penis Size

Again, there is no scientific evidence to prove that underwear affects penis size. Also, most experts are of the view that underwear may affect sperm count but not penis size. However, some experts are of the view that when boys wear tight briefs can restrict their outward penile growth. When testicles and penis is restricted and compressed in tight underwear, it can affect blood circulation, which can result in curvature and shrinkage. When boys get erection, they try to bend their penis to one side to hide their embarrassment. This can affect the blood flow which can stun the growth of penile tissues.

Simple rules every male must follow

There are several rules that men should follow when it comes to their health and underwear. Some men wear old underwear because they are sentimentally attached to it. Old underwear may have sentimental value but are disgusting, and can cause several health problems. Once a month, get rid of your old underwear that is torn and unpresentable.

An important rule to follow when buying underwear is to buy synthetic blends or cotton for everyday use. If you have silk or any other fancy fabric underwear in your wardrobe, use them for special occasions. Wearing cotton or synthetic blends will prevent chaffing. Also, it will absorb moisture and provide proper support.

Today, most men lack underwear etiquette, and they keep wearing the same underwear without washing it. Underwear must be changed frequently and remain clean. If you sweat excessively or work, you must change your underwear midday to remain fresh.

Boxers or Briefs – What should you wear

Deciding to wear boxers or briefs is a matter of personal choice. Generally, people wear boxers because it is more comfortable and gives them more breathing space. On the other hand, people who prefer wearing underwear that gives them support, wear brief. So, wearing boxers or briefs is a matter of preference, however, you must avoid briefs if you plan to get your partner pregnant.

If you are still not able to decide what to wear, you can switch it up and wear briefs and boxer alternatively. Having fun with your underwear will not only improve your experience, but also improve the experience of your partner. So have at least one pair of each and choose underwear of different cuts, colors, styles, and fabrics. This will keep things fresh in your life and in your bedroom!