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Tips to help you select the right Alzheimer Care Facility


August 16, 2011


Selecting the right facility for a loved one is not easy has you may have to make some difficult choices and decisions. Nonetheless, it is important that you plan in advance as it will help you take informed decision when things become unmanageable. If you don’t prepare in advance the situation will decide the action you must take and you may not be able to provide your loved one with the right facilities.

There are many Alzheimer Care facilities that you can choose from. Your choice of the facility will usually depend on the level of problem and your budget. You must also check it the facility is well-maintained and has special facilities for people who are physically challenged. Also, make sure you check whether the facility is run by a national corporation or is a family-owned facility. Both types of facility have their own advantages and disadvantages. You can analyze the pros and cons of each facility before choosing a facility that meets your requirements.

After you have selected a few facilities that meet your requirements, you can arrange a meeting with the marketing manager and the staff members of the facility. This will give you an idea of the services offered and the prices charged by them. You can also get their brochures and price list which will help you in selecting the right facility.

You can also take a tour of the facility to check the size and condition of the living rooms, safety features at the facility, the education credentials of the staff members, facilities for handicap and equipments installed at the facility. When you visit the facility you also get an idea about the steps taken by the staff to maintain the property and keep the facility clean. When you visit the facility make sure you check how long the caregivers are working in the facility. Longevity of caregivers has direct correlation with effectiveness of management and the quality of care provided at the facility. Long-term employees who work at the facility are familiar with the residents and will easily recognise changes in condition of the resident.

If you live in Portland, there are several Alzheimers Care Portland facilities that take care of people who are suffering from Alzheimer. Most facilities have trained personnel that take special care of people who suffer from Alzheimer. If you are looking for more information on Alzheimer care facilities in Portland, you can visit the website They offer several services like exercise, bathing, hair care, laundry, feeding, escorts and transportation for people who suffer from Alzheimer. They also have several special programs that will make life easy for people who are suffering from this problem.

Study reveals that falling can detect early signs of Alzheimer


July 18, 2011


In a study presented at the Alzheimer’s Association’s annual International Conference it was found that old people who had signs of amyloid are more likely to fall than people who don’t suffer from brain amyloid. Amyloid in the brain is an early indicator of Alzheimer and this is the first study that has identified link between falls and pre-clinical Alzheimer disease.

Even thought earlier studies that have been conducted have shown that people suffer from mobility problems in early stages of Alzheimer; this is the first study that has linked falls with Alzheimer.

The study was conducted by Susan Stark who is the assistant professor of occupational therapy and neurology at Washington University in St. Louis. The study was conducted for 8-months on 125 older people who did not suffer from any memory problems but their scans revealed the presence of amyloid in their brains. Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scanning technique was used to detect the presence of amyloid in the brains.

People who participated in the study were asked to keep a journal that kept a track how many times they fell. Forty-eight people who participated in the study experienced at least one fall but those who had amyloid in the brains had more than double the risk of falling.

The results of the study can help in determining and understanding Alzheimer in its early stages. Some experts are of the view that people who suffering from amyloid in their brains can be given bone medication and physical therapy to minimize the risk of falling and help them balance their body. By help elderly people balance their body; older people can reduce the possibility of problems like premature institutionalization, long-term disability and injury-related death.

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