Benefits of using a digital pillbox

Benefits of using a digital pillbox


August 31, 2012


According to a study conducted by World Health Organisation, it was found that the main cause of death is not a disease but the behavior of people towards the treatment of the disease.  There are many people who don’t take medicines prescribed by the physician on time because of several reasons like forgetfulness, misunderstanding or because they are so busy that they don’t have time to take medicines. Keeping track of the medicine one has to take can be challenging for most people.

When a person is prescribed a medication, it is important that they take the medicine as directed by their physician. If medications are not taken appropriately, it can be costly and can even lead to the death of the patient.

There are many companies that have understood the importance of adhering to the medication prescribed by the physician. These companies have come out with a solution called the digital pillbox. The pillbox is not only an electronic reminder gadget that reminds you of the pills you must take but it also has several functions to ensure the safety of the patients. It has several features reduce the risk of missed doses or errors which can make it easier for healthcare professionals and loved ones to take care of the patients.

The pillbox maintains the medication schedule of the patient and includes an alarm system that alerts the patient that it is time they took their medication. It also shows details of the pill to be taken, as most pills look similar. The pillbox also keeps a record of the dosage taken and keeps a detailed of the pills taken by the patient. This digital log can be easily shared with healthcare professionals when required.

The best part about using the pillbox is that people who aren’t tech savvy can also use the box. The product is uses the latest technology to deliver solution that meets the needs of the caregivers and patients. Since there are several varieties of digital pillboxes available in the market, it is a good idea to check out a few products before you make a purchase.

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