Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Solarium

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Many people look at Solariums to tan their body for a short duration. Solariums are also known as tanning booths or sunbeds that use ultraviolet rays to produce artificial tan. The rays emitted by these machines are similar to the rays emitted by the sun. To tan the body, they have to stand either in front of the machine or lie down on the UV bed of the machine.

There are many companies that market solarium as a machine that will not only help in maintaining all-year-round tan but also help in curing some diseases and improve the appearance of the skin. Companies also point out that solarium tanning is safer than sun tanning and has minimal side-effects.

Most solariums that are sold in the market can be used by people with all skin types except those that have hypersensitive skin. The UV rays released by the machine have the right proportion of UVB and UVA rays which minimizes the risk of skin damage. The controls of the machine help you in correcting the power of the UV rays and also help in controlling the ventilators.


When you use the machine it helps in improved production of vitamin D and helps in curing acne. Another benefit of the machine is that your skin does not get burned. Also, it helps in improving blood circulation and speeds up the process of skin tanning.


  • Some of the problems that are associated with the use of solarium include:
  • Increased probability of damage to the eye
  • The UV rays released by the machine can damage the connective and collagen tissues of the skin. Also, it can reduce the collagen levels of the body and cause skin irritation.
  • Continuous use of the machine can increase the risk of pigmentation. Also, some people who have use solarium are known to suffer from skin conditions like skin cancer and premature aging.

How to Use the Solarium Safely

Before you start using the machine, it is important that understand the risk associated with tanning. The basic rule that you must follow when you use solarium is that you must avoid excessive tanning. Also, make sure you wait at least 48 hours between sessions because this the minimum time required by the body to repair the skin. To protect your eyes, make sure you wear goggles when you use solarium. If you are under medication, make sure the drug that you are taking does not have any effect on ability of your skin to withstand radiation.

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