Review of Supplement Jack3d

Review of Supplement Jack3d


October 4, 2011

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The health supplement market is one of the fastest growing markets in the world. Manufacturers have come out with several products that will not only help in keeping your body fit but also help in the growth of muscle mass in the body. However, it is difficult to identify which supplement is best for your body as all manufacturers claim that their product is the best. These manufacturers come out reviews of their products by people who have used them. Most customers claim that products manufactured by a specific manufacturer are the best and they are happy with the product. This makes it even more difficult for people to decide what is best for them. In this article be have tried to give an unbiased opinion about a popular pre-workout supplement Jack3d.

Most of you who are reading this article must have heard about Jack3d but don’t have information about the product. Jack3d is a health supplement that people usually take before their workout to buff up their body and to maintain their energy levels. One of the main USP of the product as claimed by the manufacturer is that it contains only active ingredients and don’t contain any fillers. Most pre-workout health supplements contain magnesium which is used to bulk up the weight of the supplement.

Another reason for popularity of Jack3d is that it helps in maintaining energy when you workout. Most people get tired after working out for a few minutes in the gym but when they use Jack3d, they are able to maintain their energy levels.

Before you start using the product, it is important you know of the quantity of Jack3d that must have before your workout. Since the product helps you maintain your energy levels when you workout, many people increase their intake. Increasing your intake can have long-term side-effects and it in your interest that you don’t increase the intake of Jack3d. Also, people who have a history of drug abuse or have an addictive personality must avoid using this product as there is high probability that they may take it too far. Jack3d is known to contain certain stimulants that make people dependent on the product.

If you are planning to use Jack3d, it is important that you known the ingredients used by the manufacturer. Here are details of the ingredients and their possible side-effects.

Schizandrol A

This is extracted from the Schizandra fruit after it is dried. The fruit is native of Korea and China and very little information is known about the ingredient. However, some studies have claimed that this ingredient helps in improving the speed of nervous responses.


This ingredient is unfortunately not approved by FDA as limited study has been done on it. However, we do know that excessive use of Geranamine can cause nausea, headache or even stroke.


Several studies have been conducted on the benefits and side-effects of beta-alanine and most studies have proved that it helps in improving endurance, muscular strength and helps in delaying fatigue.

Creatine Monohydrate

Even though there is no major side effect of this ingredient, excessive use can cause dehydration. Therefore, it is important that people using Jack3d must drink plenty of water to offset the drawback of this ingredient.

L-arginine alpha-ketoglutarate

L-arginine alpha-ketoglutarate or AAKG is a salt of alpha-ketoglutaric acid and amino acid arginine.


Most people we spoke were happy with the product as they could see improvements in their workout routine. However a few people that we spoke to had certain questions about the effectiveness of the product.

Some people that we spoke wondered if the product can be used by women. Even though creatine which is present in Jack3d is known to benefit men, its benefits on women are yet to be ascertained. Since we do not know the benefit of creatine in women, we do not know that beta alannine present in Jack3d will benefit women.

Also, some people do not see any improvement in their workout after taking Jack3d. They believe that the amount of AAKG present is small and does not help in boosting their performance. A few people who have used the product have also had trouble sleeping. Taking Jack3d with other stimulants like coffee may make it difficult for people to sleep. Lack of sleep can cause irritation, restless and also affect your relations with other people in the society.

So it is best that you consult a professional before using the product. Therefore in is important that you train as hard as you can and don’t use any supplements.

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  1. Thomas says:

    One of my favorite pre-workout products on the market right now. Yes it contains a bit more stimulant than some, but it also boasts a minimal ingredient list and is free of several of the ingredients that don’t sit well with some people’s system. This product gives me a ton of energy in the weight room and really gets me motivated to hit the gym everytime I take it. Start with a minimal dose since it packs a punch, and make sure you drink a lot of water, since it contains both creatine and stimulant, and get ready for an awesome workout!

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