Detailed review of Fruit Diet Plan

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Detailed review of Fruit Diet Plan

Detailed review of Fruit Diet Plan


September 13, 2011


Most people reading this article must be aware of the health benefits of fruits. Even though you must be aware that at least one serving of fruits in a day can help in maintaining your health, the idea of living only on fruits may be a new concept for you. Fruit diet pan program is usually recommended because it has low calorie content and is ideal for people who want to lose weight. Also, this diet plan also helps in rejuvenation and the detoxification of the body. Most people who have opted for this program have come out of the program more energetic and lighter than before.

There are different types of fruit diet plans depending on the diet menu and the duration of the program. Almost all fruit diet plans last for 3 days. People who opt for this diet plan must only eat fruits and some proteins. Protein is usually given on the first day of the program to prevent muscle burning. People who opt for this diet plan usually start their day with protein shake and have about 2 servings of fruit for lunch. On the first day, you can eat fruits and lean protein for dinner on the 1st day. For next two day, you must eat only small amount of lean proteins but can eat fruits every two hours.

This plan works by burning fat in your body for additional energy. Since your diet is low in calories, your body looks at alternate sources of generating energy. This diet plan helps you lose weight without affecting the water retention power of the body. Another advantage of this diet plan is that it helps in getting rid of waste and toxins from the body. People, who have opted for this diet plan, have lost up to 10 pounds just 3 days.

When you opt for fruit diet plan, make sure you eat good quality fresh fruits. Avoid eating canned or dried fruits as they can do more harm than good. Also, choose fruits that have low sugar content like grapefruit and apples and avoid high sugar fruits like grapes and melon.  Most health experts recommend that you eat only one type of food and avoid eating a combination of different fruits. It is a good idea to opt for high fiber fruits like melons, oranges and apples as they improve the digestive system of the body.

The lean protein that you eat must come from healthy sources like egg white and fish. If you are drinking a protein shake, it must be free from artificial additives and must be low in sugar.

Some experts are of the view that this diet plan has extremely low calorie content and is not sufficient for day-to-day functioning of the body. These calories will get exhausted easily if you do physical work. Also, this diet plans lacks essential nutrients like calcium, healthy fats and vitamin D which the body requires. Hence, continuing this diet plan for more than 3 days can create nutrition deficiency. These health experts further recommend that you include health sources of fat like low fat dairy, olive oil and raw vegetables to fulfil the nutrition requirement of your body.

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