Overweight mothers likely to have fat babies

Overweight mothers likely to have fat babies


September 29, 2011


Researchers have found that one of the main reasons for childhood obesity is overweight mothers. In a study that was led by Indian born researchers Neena Modi, it was found that some babies have fat built-up in their abdomen that is similar to fat built-up of a 50 year old. Researchers have also found that 33 percent of the babies have more fat built-up than expected.

For the study, Neena and her team took a sample of 105 babies. Of the 105 babies 51 were girls and the remaining were boys. All the babies chosen had more than normal fat in their abdomen. Researchers have found that women who are overweight during pregnancy had higher chances of having babies that have high fat levels especially in their abdomen.

Neena added that she was surprised to detect direct correlation between the weight of the mother and BMI of the baby. She further added that her findings will help in understanding the effect of mothers’ metabolism on the baby.

The study also proves the effect of the surroundings on the baby when it is in the womb. It also helps in understanding the long-term impact of the surrounding on the baby.

According to health experts, new born babes usually have about 700 grams of adipose tissues. However, for every one unit increase of BMI of the baby the adipose tissues can increase by 7 grams which can have an adverse impact on the liver.

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