New Study Can Improve Your Chances of Conceiving

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There is good news for those who are suffering from infertility. A recent research has discovered how the sperm attaches itself to the egg. Even though the scientist are aware that sperm can identify an egg by matching the proteins in its head with the sugar variety on the outer coating of the egg. However, what they didn’t know was how the egg is able to capture the human sperm. With this new discovery, scientists expect new drugs to be launched that will help in treating infertility.

Researchers found that human egg had a coating of sugar called sialyl-lewis-x sequence or SLeX that makes the sperm stick to the egg. When the sperm stick to the egg for certain period of time, it drops its DNA into the egg.

Researchers used ultra-sensitive mass-spectrometric imaging technology to study the binding process of the egg and the sperm. They conducted several test in their laboratory with several synthesized sugars to before they reached this conclusion.

Scientist from Academia Sinica in Taiwan, the University of Missouri, Department of Life Sciences at Imperial College London and the University of Hong Kong participated in the research. The findings of the research were published in a Science Journal.

The team of scientist was led by Professor Anne Dell who said that it is the first research that gives an insight into the molecular events that take place at the starting of human life. She further added that this research will help in filling the gap in knowledge of the process of fertility and also help people who cannot conceive.

In a recent report, the World Health Organization said that more than 15 percent people who are in their reproductive age are unable to conceive. The problem is more acute in developing countries like Britain where on in every seven couple has a problem in conceiving.

According to Dr. Poh-Choo Pang Imperial College London, the new study will help in understanding the fertility problems in people and provide treatment that will help in addressing their problem.

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