Getting rid of excess fat from the cheeks

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Getting rid of excess fat from the cheeks

Getting rid of excess fat from the cheeks


June 10, 2013


Chubby cheeks look good on infant and young kids, but as you grow-up most people hate having plump or chubby cheeks. Having chubby cheeks can be constant source of irritation and anxiety. The easiest way of losing excess weight from the cheeks is losing your overall weight. Here are a few tips that will not only help you in losing excess weight from the cheeks but will also help in reducing your overall body weight.

Make changes in your diet

You have to make changes in your diet to get rid of excess fat from your body. Some of the changes you can benefit from include:

Increase your water intake

When you don’t drink enough water, the body starts retaining more water to function normally. This water is usually stored in the cheeks which can make your cheeks look puffy.  You must drink at least 8 – 10 glasses of water to keep the body hydrated and to make your face look less puffy.

Reduce sugar and salt intake

The body retains more water if you increase the intake of refined sugar and salt. Increasing your sugar and salt intake will have the same effect as drinking less water. Your cheeks will look less puffy when you cut down the intake of refined sugar and salt. Also, increasing your salt intake can increase the risk of diabetes. To reduce your urge for refined sugar you can increase your intake of fruits that contain natural sweetness.

Avoid Alcohol

When you avoid alcohol, you not only lose weight from the cheeks but also increase your energy levels, reduce soreness and improve agility. Drinking alcohol can affect the water retention power of the body. This forces the body to store more water which can cause facial puffiness. Excessive alcohol drinking can also increase your body weight and the weight of the cheeks. You can avoid alcohol by drinking herbal tea or fruit smoothies as they contain fewer calories.

Eat raw vegetables and fruits

Eating raw vegetables and fruits will not only help you in maintaining your weight but will also help you lose excess weight from the cheeks. Since fruits and vegetables are full of water it keeps the body hydrated and will prevent the body from storing excess water in the cheeks. Fruits and vegetables are also high in fiber, so they help in improving the digestive system, make you feel full and reduce your urge to eat unhealthy food.

Eat calcium-rich food

Studies have shown that eating calcium rich food like yogurt and cheese can help you lose weight. Calcium also prevents the need for water retention in the body and helps those who want to avoid puffy cheeks. People, who love eating foods rich in carbohydrates like pizzas and pastas, can eat low fat cottage cheese which is rich in calcium.


There are several simple exercises that can help you lose excess weight from the cheeks. Some exercises you can do include:

Chew Gum

When you chew gum, it calms your nerves, freshens your breath and helps you lose excess weight from your cheeks. The best part of using a chew gum is that you can enjoy the taste of the gum and you don’t feel like you are doing any exercise. Another benefit of chew gum is that repetitive chewing motion helps in strengthening your jaw. However, don’t chew the gum for several hours as it could damage the jaws.

X-O Exercise

Most people reading this article must have heard about X-O exercises. These exercises can be done anytime during the day helps in burning excess fat from the cheeks and strengthens the jaw. You must do this exercise at least 3 times a day for 15 minutes.

Lift your cheek

When you this exercise it helps in toning your cheeks. You must try to lift up your cheeks as high as possible. You can use the corner of the mouth to lift you cheeks. When lifting your cheeks, you must feel like you are trying to give an awkward and strained smile. You could even close your eyes when you lift your cheeks. When you lift your cheeks you must hold it this position for at least 10 seconds and repeat the exercise several times in a day.

Fish Lips

You can get toned cheeks by drawing in your cheeks till your make fish lips by puckering out the bottom and top lip. Hold your lips in this position and try to smile. Hold your smile for at least 10 seconds and repeat this exercise for at least 5 times in a day.

Puffy Cheeks Exercise

To do this exercise, fill your mouth with air and try to move the air from one cheek to another for at least 10 times. Do this exercise for at least 5 times in a day.


When you smile, you not only improve your health but also tone your facial muscles and lose excess fat from the cheeks. Smiling does not help you lose weight but helps you remain positive and reduces stress.


After doing these simple facial exercises, you must massage your cheeks. To massage your cheeks, gently rub the fingers over the cheeks in a circular motion. This will help in reducing soreness and tension cause due to exercising.

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