Side Effects of Liposuction

Side Effects of Liposuction


August 19, 2011


If you are planning a liposuction, it is important that you are aware of the side effects of liposuction. Even though liposuction is one of the easiest ways of removing fat from your body, some long-term side effects of the operation can have a negative impact on your body.

The side-effects of liposuction are similar in both men and women. Some of the common problems that people that undergo liposuction face include infections, allergic reaction to medicines, delay in recuperation and blood clots. If the operation is not performed by an expert, it can lead to the death of the patient. At times, liposuction can also cause organ damage, countering irregularities and development of excess skin. The side-effects of liposuction is usually more severe in men when compared to women, especially with the male has not consulted a specialist before going ahead with the surgery. Some of the problems that men could face include friction burn, excessive loss of fluid and lumps in the body.

Recovering from side effects of Liposuction

The time takes for liposuction healing will vary depending on the health of the patient. Some patients may take several months to heal while others may heal in a few days. Other factors that can have an impact on the healing time are the patient’s tolerance to pain and the size of the area operated. Usually, most patients recover from the side-effects in less than a week and they are able to move normally and may even return to work without any major discomfort.

After a few weeks they feel more comfortable and can start showing off the benefits of the operation. It is in your interest to opt for non-invasive liposuction because the side-effects and recovery time is less when compared to invasive liposuction.

Patients who are recovering from the operation must initially wear compression garments to prevent loose skin and for faster recovery. Also, patients may not be allowed to bath for at a week after the procedure. A week after the liposuction procedure you can expect some side effects like bruising, swelling and numbness. Some people may notice loose skin surrounding the operated area which can take some time to tighten. The skin tightening period varies depending on the skin elasticity of the patient.

After liposuction procedure, it is important that you get your post-surgery check-up schedule from your doctor. This will help your doctor monitor your healing process and also help them in guiding you so you don’t face any discomfort.

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