Low carbohydrate diet can help you deal with acne

Low carbohydrate diet can help you deal with acne


August 12, 2011


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There are many men and women who are looking at ways of getting rid of acne. Most people, who are not aware of the causes and treatment of this problem, rely on friends for information on acne. Today, there are many companies that claim to have solution for your problem. However, most treatments that are available in the market don’t work or work only for milder cases.

Apart from drugs and creams, there are several light therapies and laser treatments that are used to deal with the problem of acne. At times, a problem in the treatment can leave a scar on your face. Therefore, it is important that you check out the benefits and side-effects of the treatment before selecting a treatment.

Many studies have been conducted to find out ways to reduce the occurrence of acne. A recent study has shown that having a low carbohydrate diet not only helps you lose weight but also helps in erasing your acne. Some people who suffer from acne may also have high insulin and consuming low carbohydrate food can help in controlling acne by lowering the insulin levels in the body. People must also avoid eating dairy products as it not only increases weight but also promotes acne. However, no evidence has been found that links chocolates to acne. Experts are of the view that main cause of acne is sugar and dairy products and not cocoa.

If cutting down on your sugar intake does not help, it is best that you consult a skin doctor as untreated acne may lead to scars.

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