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How anti-cellulite massages helped in treating cellulite

| May 20, 2012 | 0 Comments

I first noticed a bit of cellulite on my butt and back of the thighs at age 19, when I started going to college and started eating junk food that was available in the cafeteria. Initially I did nothing to prevent the growth of cellulite, as I did not consider it to be a major problem. However, I got scared when the cellulite spread to the front of the thighs. When I visited my family doctor, he suggested that I used anti cellulite massage treatment to get rid of cellulite. When my doctor suggested massage to treat cellulite, I had several questions in my mind like “What is anti cellulite massage and how does it helps in treating cellulite?” and “How long does it take to treat cellulite if I massage regularly?”

The doctor was kind enough to answer all my questions. Here is a brief explanation that my doctor gave for the questions I asked:

What is anti cellulite massage?

Anti-cellulite massage treatment is similar to any other massage therapy session. However, the purpose of this massage is not to relax the body but to remove the deposits of cellulite. The person who gives the massage applies pressure on the affected region by rubbing it vigorously. When pressure is applied to affected region, it can cause mild bruising which will disappear in a few days. Anti-cellulite massage oils which include herbal products like horsetail and seaweed are usually used in these massages.

 How does anti cellulite massage help in treating cellulite?

One of the side effects of cellulite is that it can cause skin dryness. Anti-cellulite massage helps in stimulating the blood flow in the affected area which can help in reducing skin dryness. When the cellulite massager applies pressure on the cellulite reservations, it causes the cellulite to crack and split. This helps in destroying the lymph cells of toxic fatty deposits that cause cellulite. Apart from treating cellulite, there are several other benefits of anti-cellulite massage. Anti-cellulite massage helps in improves lymphatic drainage and enhances blood circulation. These massages also help in toning and firming up the skin which makes the area silky and smooth.

How long does it take to treat cellulite if I massage regularly?

Anti-cellulite can be successful only if you are extremely patient and undergo massage healing procedures regularly. The cellulites that are formed will not break down in one or two massage therapy sessions. It will take several sessions of massage healing procedures before you see a small difference. If you are expecting miraculous results after a few sessions with cellulite massager, you are going to be disappointed. This is because there must be consistent activity in the affected area if you want the cellulite to break up. If you stop the massages after a few sessions, the cellulite build will not reduce and you will benefit from the treatment. Therefore, it is important that you stick to your massage sessions even if you assume it to be worthless. In due time, you will get the results that you are expecting.

After my doctor explained the benefits of anti-cellulite massage, I contacted the cellulite massager suggested by my doctor. Today after 2 months I am a happy person, as cellulites from by thighs and back have disappeared because of anti-cellulite massages.