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Should there be dieting books for kids?

| August 20, 2011 | 0 Comments

When Barnes & Noble started taking orders for it’s yet to be released book “Maggie Goes on a Diet”, many health experts felt that it could have a negative impact on the kids who read the book. Even though the main protagonist of the book Maggie, loses weight because of her hard work and good eating habits many experts believe that the book does not empower them to adopt good eating habits. Most children resort to dieting for instant weight loss which can create the risk of eating disorder. Also, the book gives the impression that if you Cinderella, you are a failure. This is going to have a negative impact on kids is because not all kids who adopt a healthy diet plan succeed in their efforts. The self-esteem of kids who fail will be seriously affected after they read this book.

Maggie Goes on a Diet is not the only book that could have a negative impact on children. There are several other books that encourage kids to lose weight. When young children who have not passed their puberty reduce their calorie intake, it could stunt their height and growth. Most experts understand this risk and avoid recommending diet plans even for kids who are overweight.

There are several cases where children who have reduced their calorie intake to reduce their weight have slowed down in their growth curve. Also, many recent researchers have proved that girls who use dieting to lose weight are more likely to become fat when they become teenagers or adults. Another reason why health experts are against teenage dieting is because drastic changes in weight can increase the risk of heart problems, obesity and hyper tension.