Should you get your wisdom teeth removed?

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If you are planning to get your wisdom teeth removed, it is important that you know all possible information about your teeth. Wisdom teeth usually emerge when a person is about 17 years old. These teeth have evolved to help humans chew their food when there is a problem in the first set of their molars.

Reason for Problems in Wisdom Teeth

One of the main reasons for problems in wisdom teeth is that they don’t come out straight. Most wisdom are curved which increases the risk of infection in gum. When we ear, food particles get accumulated in gap between the wisdom tooth and the molar tooth which can result in an infection. If the infection is not treated, it may harm other teeth and also result in a bone infection.

Another reason for problems in wisdom teeth is because they are difficult to clean. Even if the teeth come out well, the teeth are far back near the curve of the jawbone. At times, normal toothbrushes don’t clean these teeth which may result in an infection.

Should you remove your wisdom teeth?

There are several readers who have sent us mails asking us whether they should remove their wisdom teeth. Most experts we spoke to were of the opinion that it is not wise to remove you wisdom teeth if they are not causing any problem. These experts are of the view that wisdom teeth can help in taking the strain when your other molar teeth are removed. As we age, our molar teeth become week and wisdom tooth can help you chew your food. Another reason why experts are against the removal of a health wisdom tooth is because surgically removing your wisdom teeth may have side-effects like jaw facture, infection, numbness and damage to the nerve.

However, if you are facing problems of your other teeth because of your wisdom teeth, it is in your interest to remove your wisdom teeth. Removing your wisdom teeth is a individual decision. If the problems caused by the wisdom teeth are bearable, you can avoid removing them.

Therefore, it is important that you consult a good dentist before you decide to remove your teeth. At times, a dentist may suggest alternatives like root canalling to solve the problem. So check out the alternatives available before you get your wisdom teeth removed.

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