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Should you wear a bra at night?

| April 10, 2013 | 1 Comment

Most women often wonder whether they should wear a bra at night. They usually get advice from unknowledgeable source on the benefits and drawbacks of wearing a bra when they sleep. Most women wear a bra at night because they want to support their breast while others wear a bra because they want to prevent their breast from sagging. On the other hand, most women avoid wearing a bra at night because they believe that wearing a bra at night could lead to a cancer.

Our Study

We recently conducted a study on women between the age group of 24 - 36 to find out the main reasons why women wear or don’t wear a bra at. For the study, a sample size of 120 working women with whose annual income was less than $100,000 were considered. In the study, we found that only 38 women wore bra at night while 82 women avoided wearing it. One of the main reasons why women wore a bra at night was because they wanted to prevent sagging of breasts. Out of the 82 women who avoided wearing bra at night, 60 did not wear a bra at night because they felt it could lead to breast cancer.

 Arguments supporting wearing a bra at night

There are many health experts and physicians who recommend wearing a bra when you sleep as it helps in preventing sagging of breasts. Even though sagging of breast is a natural process, wearing a bra at night can delay the process as they keep the breast in an upright position for longer period.

Many women also wore a bra at night is because the average breast size of women has increased. Women who are pregnant or have fuller breast prefer wearing a bra because it supports their breast. Some women small bust also wear bra at night because they like the feeling of security.

Video explaining that wearing a bra does not cause cancer

Arguments against wearing a bra at night

Most health experts are of the view that wearing a bra at night does not prevent sagging. They believe that since sagging is a natural process its occurrence cannot be delayed by wearing a bra. These health experts are also of the view that wearing bra at night can lead to breast cancer.

 In a study conducted in United States, it was found that women who sport tighter bra and are longer bra wearing are more likely to suffer from breast cancer. Almost all women who wore bra for more than 12 hours daily suffered from cancer. The study concluded that women who wear bras at night are 125 times more likely to suffer from breast cancer when compared to women who did not wear a bra at night.

When you wear bra at night, it increases the pressure on the lymphatic system which are responsible for removing toxins, cancer cells, bacteria, dead cells and bacteria from the breast. The lymphatic system contains several vessels that work without any internal pressure. Since they don’t have any internal pressure, they are compressed easily by external pressure which can lead to congestion of the tissues. Toxins that must be removed by the vessels get accumulated in the breast which can lead to breast cancer.

So, should you wear a bra at night?

Going by the results of the study it is best that you avoid wearing a bra at night. However, if you must wear a bra, make sure you wear a bra that has a soft cup with no metal clasps and underwire. Also, make sure you use a properly fitted bra as improper cup size can cause he breast to rub against the chest which can cause rashes. You can wear a sports bra or old bra to avoid discomfort while you sleep.

Health and Personal Development

| October 28, 2012 | 0 Comments

Today, most hypnotherapists have clients who are looking for three things:

  1. They want to change their feelings, behavior and thoughts so they can lead a healthier life. They also want to exercise and lost weight and many people also want to quit smoking.
  2. They want to overcome emotional issues like anxiety, phobias, depression and stress.
  3. They want to deal with physical issues like pain, skin problem and irritable bowel syndrome.

All these people have one thing in common – they want to Improve their Life. What they are actually looking for is personal development. People want to make these changes because they want to gain confidence and control over their life. They want to change their personality by not only getting rid of their addiction and bad habits but by also getting rid of their negative mindset. Overcoming the negative traits makes people stronger and they can deal with scary things without any problem. Also, overcoming these traits helps you in overcoming several stress-related diseases and also helps you in dealing with diseases that get worse due to stress. When we overcome stress, we are able to reconnect our mind and body and stop concentrating on issues that affect our health. This rejuvenates our mind and power starts flowing in our brain once again.

Medicines cure disease not the problem

Before you visit any hypnotherapist it is important at that you visit a doctor as they prescribe medicines that will cure the disease. However, these medicines treat human body as a bio-system and not a person who could suffer from other physical and mental problems. Even though these medicines give rapid results, they have several side effects and increase your reliance on doctors and pharmaceutical companies.

Also, if you want to deal with a problem in your life, your personal participation is important. For example, if you take pills it will treat the disease but it may not cure the problem unless you make positive changes in your life. If you have diabetes, you must do regular exercise and make changes in your diet. Taking pills will only help you control the problem. It will not eradicate the problem.

Most people consider health to be a personal development issue because they can maintain their health only if they make positive changes in their life. Once they take the desired action, their inner strength improves and they have better control of life.