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How to become slim without dieting

| December 23, 2011 | 0 Comments

You must have wondered why some people in your office or school remain thin even though they don’t diet. These people eat normal food but make a few simple changes in their diet to lose weight. In this article, we have tried to identify a few simple steps that you can take to reduce weight.

You can lose weight by cutting down on your food portions. Most health experts are of the view that cutting down on food portion by about 20 percent can help in bringing down weight even if you make no changes in your diet. The food portions served at home and office is usually more than what your body needs. You can reduce the food portions you take at home by getting a few small plates and bowls.

If you go to a restaurant or a party where you can eat unlimited food, you will be tempted to eat more food. Therefore, it is important that you avoid high calorie counters when you visit these places. You must also drink a lot of water before you start eating your food at a restaurant or party as it will reduce your appetite.

If your kid loves drinking juices and coals, it is important that you find the calorie content in these drinks. Kids who are addicted to high calorie drinks gain weight easily. Therefore, it is important that parents look for low-fat alternatives like lime water, natural fruit juices and low-fat milk that they can give their kids.

A simple trick that is used by people to lose weight is to put down their fork after each bite. This will help in slowing down the rate at which you eat your food and reduce your weight.

In many cultures and religions, fasting is considered to be an auspicious activity. Fasting is also good for the body as it helps in detoxifying the body and help people lose weight fast. However, before you start fasting, it is best that you visit your doctor and find out the moderate fasting level of your body.

Most people eat food until they feel full. Health experts are of the view that you must accept the feeling of not being full always. They you reduce your diet by about 20 percent and learn to be comfortable with this feeling.

Make sure you have your breakfast every day as it will help in cutting down on your calorie intake. Most people who skip their breakfast end-up eating more food throughout the day. Recent studies have also shown that people who eat breakfast have lower BMI when compared to people who skip their breakfast. Some of the items that you must include in your breakfast are cereal flakes, low-fat dairy and whole grain cereals.

Avoid eating when sitting in front of your TV or computer as you are likely to eat more food than you should. Make your computer and TV area a “No Food Zone” and try eating food with in a common eating place.

Follow these simple tips and we are sure that you will reduce your weight without making major changes in your diet.

Reduce saggy skin in the belly region after pregnancy

| October 7, 2011 | 0 Comments

There are many people who suffer from saggy skin in their belly region because they have lost weight suddenly or had a baby. This problem aggravates as you grow old as the collagen production in the body reduces. However, with the right treatment you can tone your skin by preventing collagen degradation. Today, several treatments and exercises are available that can help you repair your saggy skin especially in your abdominal area.

Here are a few steps that you can take to prevent shaggy skin in the belly region.


Regular exercise is important if you want to tone your skin. Sit-ups should be a part of your exercise routine as it will help in building your belly muscles and reduce saggy skin. When you lose weight, the flab in the belly region reduces but the muscles don’t get tones. Some health experts recommend that you must do at least 10 sit-up everyday and gradually try to increase the number of sit-ups to about 30 a day.

Use Lotion

Using lotion or cream that contains vitamin C can also help in reducing shaggy skin. According to University of Maryland Medical Center, applying vitamin C on the skin reduces sag and winkles and increases the production of collagen in the body. The skin cannot absorb vitamin C directly as it is highly unstable. However, the creams contain stable form of vitamin C which can be easily absorbed by the body. When selection a cream or lotion, chose a lotion that suits your body as certain lotions may cause an allergic reaction.

Quit Smoking

In a recent study, it was found that smoking can damage the skin collagen which can cause wrinkles and sag in the body. Therefore it is important that you quit smoking if you want to reduce shaggy skin. If you find it difficult to quit smoking, you can get help for agencies and support groups that can help in breaking your smoking addiction.

Collagen Injections

Some health experts suggest that you take collagen injection to tighten the shaggy skin in the belly region. However, these injections don’t have the lasting effects that you find in exercise or smoke-free lifestyle. Collagen injections are usually opted for when other methods fail to deliver results. You may have to take these injections once in 6 months to maintain the firmness of your skin. Also, make sure these injections are administered by licensed nurse or physician.


Your doctor could recommend a surgery if the above methods don’t work. At times, when people lose weight due to excessive dieting, they may not be able to tone their skin without a surgery. A surgery in the abdominal region will involve removal of excess skin and may involve relocation of belly button. After the surgery there may be certain scars in the abdominal region. Therefore it is important that you are aware of the risk associated with the surgery before opting for it.