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Are E-Cigarettes safer than regular cigarettes?

| February 2, 2013 | 4 Comments

E-cigs were introduced in United States in 2007 to help people who suffered from tobacco addiction. There is no difference in appearance of normal cigarettes and electronic cigarettes but e-cigs are considered to be less harmful when compared to normal cigarettes, as they don’t contain tobacco. The demand for e-cigs has grown sharply as manufacturers have come out with appealing advertisements that highlight the benefits of the products. However, before you start using e-cigs, it is important that you are aware of the benefits and drawbacks of the product.

What are Electronic Cigarettes or E-cigs?

These are battery-operated cigarettes that are designed to help people who are unable to quit smoking. They work by heating up the liquid nicotine which turns into vapor. This vapor is inhaled and exhaled by users when they use the machine. It looks like a normal cigarette but does not produce any smell because the cig is not burning. E-cigs are available in different flavours like vanilla, coffee and strawberry to suit the need of the users.

Reasons for Growing Popularity of E-Cigs

There are several reasons why most people are switching to e-cigs. One of the main reasons why people prefer using this product is because it is less harmful when compared to normal cigs. Regular cigs are known to contain thousands of chemicals that can harm your body. On the other hand, e-cigs contain only 4 chemicals which are less harmful when compared to chemicals found in normal cigs. Also, it does not contain any tar and carbon monoxide when can cause serious health problems.

Another reason why this product is becoming extremely popular is because it is less expensive when compared to normal cigs. If you smoke a pack of normal cigs every day, you must be spending at least $150 on cigs every month. However, if you use e-cigs your expenses will to just $25 a month.

Since e-cigs don’t contain tobacco, they are not subject to tobacco laws of the country. This means that they can be purchased without giving any age proof. Many youngsters have started using this product without understanding its benefits and drawbacks. Even though FDA is likely to announce the guidelines for use of e-cigs, many people have started using it without analysing the pros and cons.

Facts you must Know

It is imperative that you know certain facts about the product before you start using it. Most people use this product because it contains less nicotine when compared to normal cigs. However, this perception of people is not correct as the nicotine content will vary depending on the level of liquid nicotine present in the cartridge. Some cartridges may have as much or even more nicotine than normal cigs.

In a recent study, it was found that e-cigs could be as addictive as normal cigs because the vapour contains nicotine. Many people who use this product regularly get addicted to it without knowing where this addictive substance is coming from. Since most manufacturers use flavours to hide the smell and taste of nicotine, it becomes difficult for users to differentiate between the flavour and the nicotine present in the cartridge.

Many people who use e-cigs to deal with tobacco addiction have not actually benefited from the product. These people continue to smoke normal cigs even after they use e-cigs. Using both normal and electronic cigarette can do more harm than good.

Are E-Cigarettes safer than regular cigarettes?

Even though e-cigs are not as addictive as normal cigs, they can as be as harmful as normal cigs. They contain a chemical called propylene glycol which is required to vaporize the nicotine solution. Propylene glycol accounts for nearly 90 percent of the content and is known to cause acute respiratory system irritation. Also, some products contain carcinogen nitrosamine which can damage your lungs.

So if you are addicted to tobacco smoking and are looking at ways of overcoming this addiction you can use e-cigs. However, make sure you check the contents of the product you plan to use. If you are unsure of the product you must use, make sure you get help from an expert.

Dr. Susan Lim Supports Early Breast Cancer Detection

| February 2, 2013 | 0 Comments

One of Dr. Susan Lim’s special interests is the early detection of breast cancer. In 2002, Dr. Susan Lim was an invited speaker at the Global Summit Consensus Conference on Breast Cancer in Seattle, Washington. Dr. Susan Lim spoke on  the “Experience in early breast cancer diagnosis and tissue sampling in Singapore: How to bring in minimally invasive procedures”. Also in 2002, Dr. Susan Lim  travelled from Singapore to Taiwan to deliver a lecture on “Vacuum-Assisted Breast Biopsy (Mammotome) – The Singapore Experience” and to conduct a training course on the use of the Mammotome Biopsy System.

In 2003, she published her Singapore study on the “Early Detection of Breast Cancer in Countries with Limited Resources” in The Breast Journal (Volume 9, Supplement 2). Also in 2003, Dr. Susan Lim travelled from Singapore to deliver a post-graduate lecture at the RIPAS Hospital, Brunei, Darussalam on “Advances and New Approaches to the Diagnosis and Surgical Treatment of Early Breast Cancer”.
In 2006, Dr. Susan Lim led a Singapore team from Susan Lim Surgery to teach women breast screening in United Arab Emirates. Dr. Susan Lim partnered with the US-Middle East Partnership for Breast Cancer Awareness and Research in this project. Dr. Susan Lim of Singapore spoke alongside the Susan G. Komen leadership team in delivering the message on breast screening. The patron of the occasion was Sheika Fatima Bint Mubarak. The aim was to empower women to take charge of their own health. Dr. Susan Lim and her team from Susan Lim Surgery, Singapore provided breast screening in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

In 2008, Dr. Susan Lim and her team from Susan Lim Surgery, Singapore provided free breast screening to domestic maids in celebration of International Women’s Day. The attendance at this screening was overwhelming. Dr. Susan Lim and her colleagues in Singapore enjoyed the enthusiasm of the domestic maids and their desire to learn more about their health.