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Can you suffer from diabetes even if no one in your family suffers from diabetes?

| January 20, 2012 | 0 Comments

There are many people who believe that they will not suffer from diabetes if no one in their family has diabetes. This belief of people is wrong as you can have diabetes even if your family members don’t have diabetes. The genes of a person are not the right parameter that people should use to check if they will get diabetes or not. These genes can only increase or decreases the chances of diabetes. For instance, if your parents are suffering from diabetes, then you are at a higher risk of suffering from this problem. However, this does not mean that if your parents don’t have diabetes you will not have this problem.

Apart from genetics that there are several other factors that can increase the risk of diabetes. For instance, the environmental factors like lack of physical activity and unhealthy diet can increase the risk of diabetes. When a person eats unhealthy food and does not exercise regularly, they are more likely to suffer from type 2 diabetes and obesity. There have been several instances in the past where parents of a person suffer from diabetes and their children don’t suffer from diabetes because they eat healthy food.

Environmental factors have little role to play in lives of people who suffer from type 1 diabetes. However, exposure to certain viruses and toxins can increase the risk of type 1 diabetes. Therefore, it is important that you understand the factors that have caused diabetes and take steps to correct the problem.

Precautions that people suffering from Nut Allergies must take

| January 4, 2012 | 0 Comments

People, who are allergic to nuts, must avoid eating nuts as reaction to nuts can put their life in danger. Peanut allergy is a lifelong problem and only a few people grow out of this problem.
Even thought manufacturers have improved product labeling, there are some products that may belong to nut family which may not be mentioned in the product labels. Nuts belong to LEGUME family and people who are allergic to nuts must avoid eating foods like lentils, peas, beans, cashews and other food items that are member of the legume family. If you want to eat products that belong to legume family, it is important that you consult your doctor before you introduce them in your diet.
Some people, who are allergic to nuts, may only react to one type of nut while other may react to several types of nuts. Therefore, it is best that you have a nut free diet unless you know what is causing the reaction. At times, foods may get contaminated when touched by other foods that contain nuts. It is in your interest to avoid eating loose foods as it increase the risk of reaction.
To reduce the risk of allergies, it is important that you read the label before you buying a product. If you are unable to identify products that are nut free, you can contact the local store or the manufacturer to check if the product is nut free. If you love eating confectionery products like biscuits and cakes, you can make them at home using corn or sunflower oil.
If you are planning to attend a party or go out with family and friends to a restaurant, it is in your interest to eat safe foods. Make sure the organizer is aware of the foods that you cannot eat. If you are unsure of the products used by the chef, it is best that you eat plain foods like salads and fruits.