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Study reveals that Taller Women have higher Cancer Risk

| July 24, 2011 | 0 Comments

A recent study has found connection between taller women and cancer. The study revealed that tall women are more prone to cancer when compared to short women. Research has revealed that risk of cancer rose by 16 percent for every 4-inch increase in height.

Women who are tall can suffer from different types of cancer. Taller women have increased chances of suffering from 10 types of cancer which include ovary, womb, skin, bowel and breast cancer. Some of the factors that can increase the chances of cancer are body mass index, age of menstruation, alcohol intake, socio-economic status and work or exercise you do. The link between increased cancer risk and height is not limited to certain race or age but is the same for women of races and ages.

Researchers found that women who are tall have higher growth related hormones which can increase the risk of cancer in women. Most women reach the maximum height between the ages of 20 and 30 years. Growth related hormones are not only factor that lead to increase in height of men and women. The environment in which the person grows can also affect the height of the person. Also, childhood nutrition and infections can affect the height of the person.

Since people do not have control over their height, they can take steps that can reduce their chances of cancer. People can reduce their cancer risk by reducing their alcohol intake, quit smoking and exercising regularly.

Is The 17 Day Diet plan Effective?

| July 22, 2011 | 0 Comments

The 17 Day Diet is one of the hottest selling fitness books this season. Most people who want to have a fit body must have heard about this book or even read it. The author of the book “The 17 Day Diet” is Moreno who wanted people to follow a fitness program that will prevent them from gaining weight and the results achieved will last for a lifetime.

There are many people who have benefited from this diet program. For instance, Rachel Wilcox who recently appeared on Good Morning America claimed that she had lost more than 36 pounds by following this program. Rachel is not the only person who is not benefited from the program. Today, there are thousands of Americans who have benefited by following this program.

However, there are many people who believe that this plan is as effective as claimed by people. They claim that there is no scientific evidence which proves that people lose weight because they follow this treatment. They believe that people can follow any other program to reduce their calorie intake and they don’t have to use this plan to lose weight. People who want to lose weight must first find out the reason behind their weight gain before following any diet plan. People, who follow this diet plan without understanding the reason behind their weight gain, may not lose weight.

People who follow this diet plan will have to change their nutrition intake every 17 days. This diet plan is easy to follow as you have sugar but must not eat processed or fried food. Moreno has divided his plan into 4 cycles of 17 days each. The first cycle is designed to reduce weight and to remove the excess fat from your body. The second cycle will reset the metabolism of your body and will decide on the calories that you must have. The third cycle will help in changing your eating habits and will suggest the food that you must avoid eating. The fourth cycle is the combination of the 3 previous cycles which allows you to eat the food you like on weekends. Even though this fitness plan has been designed for long-term benefit, most nutritionists believe that this program will only benefit people who are looking for short-term weight loss program.