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The Gallo Institute

The Gallo Institute, LLC offers seminars and consultation services for families and financial professionals in two subject areas: Children and Money and Psychological and Emotional Issues of Estate Planning.  Financial professionals often retain our services to present two programs: one for their referral sournces and another for their clients.  Programs for referral sources typically focus either on what financial professionals should know about children and money or the tools and techniques to help clients overcome the psychological and emotional roadblocks to estate planning.  Presentations for families and clients examine what parents and grandparents should know about children and money. 

Children and Money

There are money moments every day that parents can use to teach their children important skills and lessons about life and money. But what to say or do isn’t always obvious.  Parents are bombarded with conflicting advice in the popular press.  Is it a good idea to pay for chores or grades?  How do we help children develop a work ethic?  When should we start giving an allowance, and how do we structure it to help children learn to make choices?  Why is involving children in charity so important?

Presentations on children and money examine these and other questions in presentations drawn from the Gallos' books, Silver Spoon Kids: How Successful Families Raise Responsible Children and The Financially Intelligent Parent: 8 Steps To Raising Successful, Generous, Responsible Children.

Presentations can be customized to emphasize areas of particular interest to the audience, including:

Understanding your children's developmental stages and your parental money tasks

Recognizing the eight behaviors of Financially Intelligent Parents

Identifying your family's three dimensional relationship with money

Clarifying your financial values

Talking to your children about money

Explaining socioeconomic diversity to your children

Helping your children develop a work ethic

Using allowances to help your children learn to think in terms of choices, alternatives and  consequences

Recognizing the role of philanthropy in raising responsible children

Developing family wealth plans which reflect your family's inner values

Understanding issues of adult children

Identifying the various roles of grandparents

Presentations can be supplemented using tools based on The Financially Intelligent Parent, including an 80 page Workbook that expands on the 8 behaviors of financially intelligent parents and a deck of 52 Conversation Starters that help parents and children talk about money and values.   Condensed audio versions of both Silver Spoon Kids and The Financially Intelligent Parent are also available on CD.  

Psychological and Emotional Issues of Estate and Financial Planning

Calling on their years of practical experience and their background as Co-Chairs of the American Bar Association's Committee on The Psychological and Emotional Issues of Estate and Financial Planning, the Gallos also offer presentations which help financial and legal professionals create better and longer lasting client relationships.  These presentations typically go from 1 to 2 hours and cover:

Recognizing why estate and financial planning are stressful for the client

Identifying tools to reduce stress and build client relationships

Understanding the process of grief in estate and financial planning

Helping clients deal with ambiguity and frequent change

Understanding money personalities

Developing financial and estate planning strategies consistent with the clients' money personalities

Multi-disciplinary workshops and seminars which combine psychological and emotional issues with technical estate planning topics are available through a unique arrangement with Greenberg Glusker Fields Claman & Machtinger LLP.