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The Gallo Institute

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer individual consulting services?
Yes, we work with individual families and financial professionals. Our services range from presentations at family retreats to long term work with individual family members.

What types of presentations do you offer?
We offer presentations in two subject areas: Children & Money and The Psychology of Estate Planning.  Presentations in each area typically range from one to two hours.   Candidly, we recommend a sixty minute presentation followed by 30 minutes for a Q&A session.

Will you customize your presentation for our family or organization?               Yes.

What makes your' presentations unique?
We always present together.  As a result,we are able to combine the perspectives of husband and wife, mother and father, psychotherapist and attorney and provide expert advice on topics ranging from psychological and emotional issues to complex estate planning and tax questions.

How can we get the most from Gallo Institute presentations?
Our fee entitles your organization to two presentations during the day.   Organizations frequently retain us to be keynote presenters at a breakfast or lunch for their referral sources and at a lunch or dinner for their clients or major donors.  Another common engagement is for us to conduct a training session for an organization's professional staff in the morning and to be keynote speakers at a lunch or dinner for their clients or major donors.  Non-profits often find a co-sponsor to underwrite some or all of the speaking fee.  In such situations, we will make separate presentations for each organization.