We offer presentations for families based on our books, Silver Spoon Kids: How Successful Families Raise Responsible Children and The Financially Intelligent Parent: 8 Steps To Raising Successful, Generous, Responsible Children.  Presentations are also available for businesses and non-profits wishing to provide that something extra for clients, employees, executives, Board members and donors.

We present together.  This gives us the unique ability to disucss issues from multiple perspectives:  mother and father, husband and wife, psychotherapist and attorney.   Our presentations provide concepts and tools that help participants tap their inner resources and make affluence a positive, liberating experience for themselves, their families and their community. 

Available topics include:

  • Children's developmental stages and parental money tasks
  • The family's three dimensional relationship with money
  • Clarifying financial values
  • Talking to children about money
  • Explaining socio-economic diversity
  • Helping children develop a work ethic
  • Using allowances to help children learn to think in terms of choices, alternatives and consequences
  • The role of philanthropy in raising responsible children
  • Developing family wealth plans which reflect the family's inner values
  • Issues of adult children
  • The role of grandparents

"Rather than the root of all evil, money can serve our highest goals. But it can only serve those goals if we are honest with ourselves about what we have and what we believe is important, and educate and inspire our children accordingly. Silver Spoon Kids is a wise and indispensible guide for moving through that thought process."
--  Sarah Pillsbury, Producer and Philanthropist

Financial and legal advisors benefit both personally and professionally from participating in these presentations.  In addition, we offer presentations designed to help financial and legal professionals create better and longer lasting client relationships.   These presentations cover:

  • Recognizing why estate and financial planning are stressful for the client
  • Tools to reduce stress and build client relationships
  • Helping the client deal with ambiguity and frequent change
  • Understanding money personalities
  • Developing financial and estate planning strategies consistent with the clients' money personalities

Multi-disciplinary workshops and seminars which combine psychological and emotional issues with technical estate planning topics are available through a unique arrangement with Greenberg Glusker Fields Claman & Machtinger LLP.