Frequently Asked Questions:

What types of presentations do you offer?
We offer lunch and dinner talks, as well as two, three and four hour seminars and workshops for charitable institutions, financial professionals and families.

Do you offer individual consulting services?
Yes, we are available to consult with families and financial professionals.

Will you customize your presentation for our group?

What makes Gallo Institute presentations unique?
All presentations feature both Eileen and Jon Gallo. As a result, we are able to provide expert advice on topics ranging from psychological and emotional issues to complex estate planning and tax questions.

How can we get the most from a Gallo Institute presentation?
Our daily fee includes up to two presentations of no more than three hours each. Charitable institutions often retain us for a training session for their own staff during the day, and a lunch or dinner presentation for major donors. Financial professionals commonly employ us for separate presentations to their referral sources and their clients. Professional associations often co-sponsor our presentations with a local bank or trust company.

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