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Weight Loss Calculator


August 14, 2011


There are many people who are looking for a calculator that will give them details of the calories that they must take to lose. Here is a simple calculator that will help them in calculating the calories they must take to lose weight. The calculator also helps people calculate the calories they must reduce for faster weight loss.

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Body Mass Index Table


August 10, 2011


Body Mass Index (BMI) is calculated based on the weight and height of the person. According to World Heath Organisation (WHO), the BMI of a person is as follows:

Body Mass Index Category
< 17 Too low
17 - 20 Underweight
20 - 25 Perfect
25 - 30 Minor obesity
30 - 35 Unhealthy obesity
35 - 40 Extremely unhealthy obesity
> 40 Severe Adiposotas

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